Custom Built Team Training Portal That will Help you Train Your New Recruits FAST...
without an ounce of tech overwhelm!
YES! I want a Done-For-You Team Training Portal>>
Totally Customized and Created Just for YOU, By my Very Own Development Team!

If you're excited to train your team and increase your retention rate in a matter of weeks....

But fare feeling held back by all the "techy overwhelm"...

If you want your team to have an exceptional experience right of the bat when they join your team...

AND if you want to spend more of your time focusing on building your business, instead of bogged down in answering the same questions over and over...

Then this will be the most import page your read this year.

Because I'm about to reveal how you can get your hands on a $10,000 stunning online team training portal...

The Best Part???

While these Done-For-You Team Training Portals are usually sold for $1,997 each (which is still very affordable considering I paid $10,000 for my own)...

For the next few days ONLY, you can get a Custom-Built Course Team Training Portal for 50% OFF.

A warning though: when I say this is limited-time only, I mean it.

So if you want to spend less time saying the same things over and over and training on the same things over and over and have more time actually getting more recruits on your team.

Your Team Training Portal Could The Biggest Incentive for a New Recruit to Join Your Team.

When I created my team training portal I did it because I wanted to streamline the training that my entire team was receiving

It freed up so much of my time so I wasn't saying the same thing over and over, but there was an added bonus that I didn't even think of...

Having a Team Training Portal became one of our BIGGEST Assets in recruiting!

Yup! We had people join our team over someone else's because we had the system, we had the trainings and it really did create this idea of joining a Network Marketing business as a business in a box.

YES! I want a Done-For-You Team Training Portal>>
A Warning Though: There Are VERY Limited Spots Available For this Offer
Your Done-For-You Training Portal Will Buy You Back 80% of Your Time

My 80/20 rule is my secret weapon in reducing overwhelm, staying on track and giving my team what they actually need!

And has led me to increase my team retention rate by 70%.

I used to spend 80% of my time answering team questions and helping my team get their businesses off the ground and only 20% of my time actually focused on building my business.

Bad idea!

This portal allowed me to totally flip the amount of time I spent in team training...

And start focusing just 20% on training my team and 80% on attracting new team members and taking care of my customers...

Most leaders do the opposite...

They are great at attracting their team in the beginning, but as their team grows they spend more and more time training their team and less time building their business.

But guess where that leaves you?

One year down the road with your personal business starting to dry up as you are trying to help your downline grow theirs.

Devastating, right?

(Trust me, I've been there).

Which is exactly why I learned to flip this process around...

Focus your time on your team and give them what they ACTUALLY need and want, and that is a way for them to find answers and get training on demand when they need it.

Your Team Training Portal is an Investment into YOUR Growth as a Leader

Taking a do-it-once-and-it's-done approach to team training means believing your team can grow their business without you having to hold their hand and spoon feed them every step of the way.

My business grew faster than I ever could have imagined, thanks to the power of having a team training.

Investing in a portal was exactly that - an investment.

When you grow (and you will) it's important that not only is your portal about to cope with the influx of new team members....

But that YOU have the time. You have the capacity. You have the freedom to be able to serve them well...

Instead of still feeling overwhelmed and bogged down in all the tech, right?

So you're in a powerful position to let your business grow without restriction.

Can you see how powerful this would be for your business?

Can you see how investing now will actually help you grow later?

When you harness the power of a stunning online team training platform...

Well, you'll be totally uncapping your time, your money and your location...

But most of all, your impact as a leader in Network Marketing.

Isn't that exciting!

So, with all that said... let me finally announce exactly how YOU can get your hands on your very own team training portal...

Designed and customized totally for you by my very own development team.

YES! I want a Done-For-You Team Training Portal>>
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Here's Everything You're Going to Get in My Done-For-You Training Portal

My custom built training portal to give you the ability to train your team on any topic. You can add as many courses as you want.

Having this portal under your belt will save you a heck of a lot of tech, time and money...

From setting up your domain name...

Learning platforms...

Designing the look of your website...

And the core structure with all that code...

You- it's all included.

Thousands of dollars in expensive web designer costs (I'm talking $10,000 and up)... all included, wrapped up and delivered onto your custom built portal.

Let Me Show You Around Your Customized Portal

When you open your portal, it will look something like this...

Space for your amazing team training courses...modules, lesson, worksheets, and even quizzes...

It's customized with your own branding...

And best of all, a portal that works for YOU (not the other way around.)

Here's How It Works

When you secure one of these Done-For-You portals for yourself...

You'll collaborate with my web-development team to exchange what you want from us... and what we need from you.

Then the fun part begins!

Sit back as we develop and design your entire portal structure...

Including adding in your designer theme and branding colors (don't worry, you can tweak those yourself later if they change).

So by the time we hand back your portal within 30 working days...

You'll be ready to add in your team trainings, and WOW your team members with your stunning, professional, easy-to-use learning experience!

And the best part?

The portal will keep working for you over and over again, no matter how big your team grows!

Exciting, right?

Now at this point, you're probably wondering...

What's Your Investment to Get One of These Done-For-You Online Training Portals?

This portal is usually sold for $1,997...

(Still a really good deal, considering my own was valued at $15,000)...

BUT, I'm not going to make you pay that.

I'm going to gift you this wildly successful portal...

Set up for you by my very own web development team with your own customized branding and needs...

And deliver your very own team training website for a fraction of that cost.

YES! I want a Done-For-You Team Training Portal >>

Due to the amount of time and care each one of these portals takes...

We are only offering this opportunity to the firs 20 people to jump inside.


There are only 20 leaders who will get their hands on this incredible portal, totally built and customized for them.

And I'm sharing this with my database of over 100,000, so if you do the math....

They'll disappear quick.

So if you're interested in jumping in there's no time to wait...

Click the button below, fill out your details and you can get your custom team training site built and delivered very shortly.

YES! I want a Done-For-You Team Training Portal >>
Your Questions Answered...

What is the platform that the Done-For-You Training Portal is created on?

We will be building your team training portal using Wordpress.

What software will I need to purchase and keep for this Team Training Portal?

Luckily, all you need is a web-hosting service and a domain name which is about $9 a month.

How long is it going to take to set up?

We give a 21 day turnaround time upon receiving all your necessary details. During the process, we'll work back and forth with you, keeping you in the know about how the process is going.

What if my website is built on Squarespace or Wix? Will my current website and hosting setup be suitable for this Done-For-You Portal?

Our portals are built using Wordpress platform and this requires an empty subdomain or domain with hosting. Unfortunately, Squarespace and Wix do not allow for our designers to create the site.

Will I learn how to update and edit the portal once completed?

With the handover of your beautiful custom built team training portal, we will give you some very useful training that will help you navigate and edit the portal yourself. ALSO, you can hire one of our VIP team members to edit the site for you.

If I don't have a website currently set up, can I still do this?

You most certainly can! You'll just need to purchase a domain and hosting account, but you absolutely don't need another website set up to get started.

How will I know what kind of trainings to give me team?

As a part of your portal you will also get my training on how to create a 6-Week Boot Camp for your new recruits and an overview of how to train your team using all 4 learning styles so everyone will learn the information and ask you less questions.

YES! I want a Done-For-You Team Training Portal >>
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